Illustration of a light bulb, bringing creative ideas to life
Illustration of a light bulb, bringing creative ideas to life

What we do

We are a graphic design company based in Surrey. Here at Panther we have a passion and love for all things design. We use our experience to create bold designs for our clients, and we strived to build long-term relationships with all our clients.

How we do it

We offer a highly personable approach to delivering all projects. We like to ask questions and find out as much as we can about our client before we proceed with any project. By fully understanding our clients, likes and dislikes, we can make something create something incredible. Building a lasting connection from your business to your customer.

Meeting our clients goals

We help our clients meet their goals by planning, strategizing, and budgeting with them.
We implement and execute the chosen route to market for a successful digital and/or print campaign.

How we meet these goals

4. Review

Set your milestones for reviewing and check in with designers throughout the design process. The feedback process ensures that you’re checking in on the most crucial parts of a project. Often, people will break these review rules and start giving feedback too soon. This is not only frustrating for the designer, but it’s also unproductive and costly for the client.

5. Production

The design is complete, and it’s time to put them into the last stage, which is production. When production is complete and signed off by the client, the delivery files can be released to the relevant parties involved.

1. Brief
The creative design process starts with a brief, which sets the tone for the entire project. It's the first and arguably one of the most important steps in the design process. The brief is a document that’s aimed at helping the designer understand the scope of the project and what’s needed from them. Include all relevant information to reduce any confusion.

2. Research

Depending on the scope of the project, you’ll want to include as much valuable information as possible in your creative brief to minimise time spent on the project. However, it’s still extremely valuable for designers to go through the research phase themselves to build a better understanding of how to make it work for the client.

3. Create

Brainstorming ideas will minimise any frustration throughout the creative process. If the client has really strong ideas on how the final designs should look, it’s best for the client to add any relevant links or inspiration into the brief for optimal clarity. Once the designs have been presented, decide which one you want to move forward with. This will make for a smooth workflow process that gets the best results.

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A logo for the Panther Creative Graphic Design
A logo for the Panther Creative Graphic Design